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IDAK offers technical consulting, systems development, mission planning and execution support for clients around the world. 

When behind-the-scenes matters, IDAK is there. Let us know what you need. 


IDAK provides in-house domain expertise in a wide range of areas including homeland security, disaster mitigation, weapons systems, and advanced data acquisition and exploitation.

When needed, IDAK has the resources and connections to assemble the right team for any job. From rapid response to long term strategic objectives, IDAK shows only results -- nothing else.


IDAK's internal R&D has produced advanced technologies for robotic automation, sensor fusion, and vector targeting. IDAK's IP is presently applied in many advanced space and weapons systems. 

IDAK believes that anything that can be tracked can also be controlled. 

Industries Served

IDAK is prepared to develop and implement solutions to problems relating to defense systems, emergency management, industrial automation, medical systems, environmental analysis and control, and many other related areas. 



Jefferson City, MO

(573) 338-2345